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Johnny's Entertainment Rating Community

Which Johnny are you most like?

Johnny's Entertainment Ratings
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In this community, you can find out which Johnny Boys you are most like. Please make sure you read the rules before you participate. Even though JE only consists of boys, members aren't required to be boys. Voting on others is important, so if you don't like to talk about yourself, it's alright to just join and vote.


These rules are very simple, so please make sure you read and follow them.

→ 1. No flaming, fighting, spamming.
→ 2. Please be a member to post/vote.
→ 3. Fill out the full aplication and put it behind a LJ cut.
→ 4. To know that you've read the rules, put "SUMMARY of the Johnny's World" as the subject.
→ 5. You don't have to be stamped to vote.
→ 6. Bold your votes. Give a short explaination if you can. Please try to include full name and group of the Johnny.
→ 7. You will be stamped after one week or when the mods thinks there are enough votes.
→ 8. If you're not satisfied with who you're stamped as, you may repost your application after one week.
→ 9. You are only entitled to one restamp.
→ 10. Vote for two other persons before you send your application in.

If you have any problems, questions or comments...feel free to contact the mods: baka_bunnies & kumikuri

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