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rareitemhunter1 in je_ratings

SUMMARY of the Johnny's World

Name/Nickname: Keito, Kei, Miki, Loli-chan, KODAKS
Age: 16~

Likes: FOOD. Graphics, music, cuteness, archery, JAPAN!!
Dislikes: creepy crawlies (especially spiders, don't even get me started on those. And centipedes!! If it was an ant, I think I could take it). homophobes. wasting stuff (which includes wasting food, paper, etc, and also not recycling and/or littering). cheaters.
Strong points: Can eat forever. Good sense of what's right. I make people laugh a lot when they're feeling bad (apparently). I try to be as nice as I can.
Weaker points: Messy messy. Can be extremely random. Can become very cocky or single focused. STUBBORN. (only because I'm always right).
Hobbies: ARCHERY (gotta be tough!), graphics, spending most of my time on the computer, writing, procrastinating.
Talent: I can eat like no tomorow, I'm a bottomless pit. My friends even nicknamed me fatass because of it. Seriously, I just love to eat. NomNom~!!
Describe your personality in three words: cute hyper rainbow!!

Hot or Cold?: cold. I like the cold for some reason, it makes me feel happy!!
Mature or Immature?: immature a LOT of the time, mature when i need to be.
Leader or Follower?: I'd say follower but I end up bossing people around without realizing I'm doing it. It'll be like, we always have to do my stuff first, and yeah... I'm kinda selfish like that.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: OPTIMISTIC!! Even when I get depressed I'll just shrug it off a few minutes later because being depressed is a waste of time to me. I'm always the one telling people to 'ganbatte! ganbatte!!'
Low, medium, or high energy level?: HIGH!! But it can sink down to medium or even low if I'm bored or depressed. But within a few minutes, it'll be back up to genkigenki levels again!!

FAVOURITE? (tell why if you can)
Favorite boy: Tegoshi Yuya because I loved his childishness, like falling over the chair he was trying to sit on, and messing up dance moves, but I also fell in love with his voice. Nowadays he's grown up quite a bit, but he's still cute and dorky at times. AND LOUD. I love loud people. <3<3 *cough*like Erika Toda*cough*
Favorite song: Cherish or I-Za-Na-I-Zu-Ki by NEWS. (Also, YOU~ World is Yours for when I need courage or genkigenki-ness).
Favorite Johnny group: NEWS!! (And practically everything else right after).

How did you find this community?: I saw miyukiss's stamp. ^^
Who do you think you are most like and why?: I'd prefer not to answer this because I don't want to influence the votes!!
Anything else?: I can't wait to see who i'm like, so please vote on who you think I'm like, not who you think I'd want to be!!


*waves* Hello there my friend! :D

I definitely see Tacchon in you, especially the food part. Therefore I pick Tadayoshi Ohkura of Kanjani8 for you.

Please do mines as well, since I filled mines out forever ago. Anyways, thankies! :D
Really, Ohkura? Hmmmm. I never thought about him actually!! XDD