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SUMMARY of the Johnny's World

Name/Nickname: Irien
Age: 13

Likes: JE (of course ;d), dance (i do ballet, tap, jazz, and pointe), music, reading, karaoke, playing volleyball, watching football ("soccer"), the list goes on, and on...
Dislikes: vegetables (especially bell peppers and eggplants XQ), people who don't have an "off button", incorrect grammar, slow internet connection...
Strong points: i can dance well, i have good self-control, i respect people (especially those older than me ^^), i'm a good student, i have a large vocabulary
Weaker points: i procrastinate, sometimes i tune people/things out, i space out increasingly often, i'm short m(_ _)m
Hobbies: dance, volleyball, reading, basically everything in my "Likes" section?
Talent: dance (hahah getting redundant, sorry..)
Describe your personality in three words:flail, fail, amiable

Hot or Cold?: cold
Mature or Immature?: mature, but childish (childish and immature are different, you know ;D)
Leader or Follower?: second-in-command
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: probably pessimistic
Low, medium, or high energy level?: it depends.. i can go either way in a matter of minutes xD medium, i guess...

FAVOURITE? (tell why if you can)
Favorite boy: OHNO SATOSHI<333 the man's awesome!! he can sing and dance; he's an awesome artist; he's really cute, and hot at the same time xD; he's just RIIDAA<3 oh, not to mention he has the best fanboy EVER! Chinen<3 (my 2nd favorite, after everyone else in Arashi =x)
Favorite song: Subarashiki Sekai - Arashi
Favorite Johnny group: A-RA-SHI! A-RA-SHI! For dream~ they've taught me so much; from how important friendship is, to whether or not it's possible to make a hot-air balloon out of newspaper XD

How did you find this community?: rareitemhunter1 
Who do you think you are most like and why?: uhm.. everyone says i'm so much like Chinen Yuuri 'cause we both LOVE Ohno, we both dance well, and our personality is about the same?
Anything else?: now i see what my friends have been saying all along.. hahah


Somehow I'm seeing Chinen in your application, and one is your disliked food and another is your love for Ohno. Therefore I pick Yuuri Chinen of Hey Say Jump.


Please Do Mines As Well. Thank you. :D

Edited at 2008-11-07 04:35 am (UTC)
I would say Chinen Yuuri with the same reasons as luxe_romanesque :)