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SUMMARY of the Johnny's World

Name/Nickname: Ptricia/Tricia/Trish/Tinch
Age: 15

Likes: Listening to music, drawing, coloring, singing [but i am REALLY bad at it. :))], games [PS2,PSP,DS or PC], being with my friends, canides, chocolates, being happy, seeing other people happy, malls, anime, strawberries, cakes, DVDs and so much more. :D
Dislikes: Cockroaches, being alone, seeing other people sad [I just can`t stand it XD], waking up early, being forced to do something...
Strong points: I`m optimistic, I`ll do good to you if you do good to me. I get pleased easily.
Weaker points: I tend to get very lazy. [yeah, at most that. :))] I also sometimes cram my school work. x___x;
Hobbies: drawing, coloring, sleeping, using the comp/internet, downloading, chatting with my friends, going to the mall, playing games and more. :D
Talent: drawing? :D;
Describe your personality in three words: always smiling... yeah. 8DDDD;

Hot or Cold?: hot. :P I don`t like being mean to people. T___T
Mature or Immature?: Somewhat mature but more of immature. [lolwhut?]
Leader or Follower?: follower. :D
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: OPTIMISTIC. :]
Low, medium, or high energy level?: high energy level. ;D

FAVOURITE? (tell why if you can)
Favorite boy: Tegoshi Yuya. I chose him because... even though he can get self-centered and all I know he is a really good person. :D And his laugh is very VERY amusing. <33
Favorite song: [ohh this is hard] Hoshi wo Mezashite. I love the tune, lyrics and translation. :]
Favorite Johnny group: NEWS. I recently got in to them lately. Though i love Arashi also... But, NEWS for now. :))

How did you find this community?: I was browsing through the interests area. :D
Who do you think you are most like and why?: Well... I think I`m like... Nino [Arashi] because, I usually see him smiling and he`s always hyper. :)) [esp in Happiness]
Anything else?: Thanks for reading! <33 


It's a toss up between Yassu, Nino and even Tegoshi. Of those 3, I am feeling the Yassu vibe.

Therefore, I pick Yasuda Shota of Kanjani8 for you. :)
I for some reason got Tegoshi Yuuya when I read this... with a hint of Nino... but yeah I pick Tegoshi Yuuya of NEWS for you...
Tegoshi, yes yes yes yes. :D :D
Hmmm...I see a Tegoshi Yuya from NewS in you xD

rate me? :D
I think I'll have to agree and go with Tegoshi.
I agree with Yasuda Shota of Kanjani8 as well. I do not know much about Tegoshi but the answers for your 'which are you more like' and 'strong points' made me think of Yasu.