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Nina Flowers

jaded_optimist in je_ratings

SUMMARY of the Johnny's World

Name/Nickname: Farah, Jade, Fa-chan, JadeyJade

Likes: Music, Food, The Japanese Language, Video Games, Jdramas, Learning, Hockey, My imagination, Food, sleeping, not sleeping, candycanes, Animals, Anime, Manga, Stepping on crunchy leaves, the smell of fresh cut grass, drawing stick figures, word games, my Nintendo DS lite, Music, cleaning, cooking, learning new languages, Corny Jokes, those sticks with Honey in them that you can suck on... I wish I knew where to buy those in bulk in this country.
Dislikes: When people don't rewind tapes before they take them out of the tape player, bad hygiene, ignorance, arrogance, homophobia, wasting time, peas, disorganization, gender boundaries, racism, Spiders.
Strong points: Organized(to an OCD extent), Friendly, adorable, intelligent, funny, easy to talk to, I make other people feel better, caring, Hard worker, Confidence, Loyal, Understanding, Always smiling
Weaker points: Workaholic, Easily distracted, I have problems believing in myself, my personality sometimes contradicts itself, I'm a bit too OCD (Obsessive Compulsive) , I obsess over things I like a bit too much, Very Indecisive, I cry easily
Hobbies: Music, Reading, being a Mod on Snitchseeker.com, learning Japanese, Video games, Trying to know everything that there is possible to know about my obsessions, Cooking, Manga
Talent: Dancing... On(figure skating) and off Ice. Cooking.
Describe your personality in three words: Fun, Eccentric, Adorable

Hot or Cold?: Warm? I guess I'm kind of like hot. I am very passionate about things I love... hmm I'm not sure I know how to answer this question though..
Mature or Immature?: Mature with some Immature moments. I'm very mature in the direction of my life and all that but I can be immature at times.
Leader or Follower?: I tend to be a leader. I just tend to take charge of things and I like to make sure things will run smoothly. In projects people also tend to look at me as the leader(I don't know why) and so I just take charge and lead.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: The glass is half full! I am eternally optimistic but I have bitter moments because I'm so optimistic about everything I get disappointed a lot(especially by people) but then I'm still optimistic that it will be better next time.
Low, medium, or high energy level?: High energy. I'm hyperactive like whoa and I am mostly always in a high engery level unless I'm seriously sleep deprived or really hurt by something (and generally even then it just drops to medium)

FAVOURITE? (tell why if you can)
Favorite boy: Thats hard... I can't pick only one... Tegoshi Yuuya(his voice), Ninomiya Kazunari(he baited me to JE), Taguchi Junnosuke(he is hilarious), Chinen Yuuri(Soo much talent in such a little package), Masuda Takahisa(He can Sing and Dance and that smile), Ohno Satoshi(Amazingly talented. Dancing Singing and just him), Ueda Tatsuya(He is beautiful and Mysterious and talented), Yokoyama Yuu(I love him. I just do), Ohkura Tadayoshi(He is my new obsession)
Favorite song: Once again... I cant pick just one. I'm too indecisive... 関風ファイティング(Kanfuu Fighting) by Kanjani8, Cry for you by Arashi, LOST by Ueda Tatsuya, Real Face by KAT-TUN, サヤエンドウ(Sayaendou) by NEWS, 虹(Niji) by Ninomiya Kazunari, 希望~Yell~ (Kibou~Yell~) by NEWS, Pumpkin by Masuda Takahisa, 愛のかたまり(Ai no Katamari) by Kinki Kids
Favorite Johnny group: Arashi was my first and therefore will always have a special place at the top of my favourites list (currently with Arashi I'm also very partial to NEWS and Kanjani8... Although I also adore KAT-TUN. and I love Hey!Say!JUMP but they are all way younger than me so I feel creepy loving them)

How did you find this community?: through luxe_romanesque

Who do you think you are most like and why?: Ninomiya Kazunari... because I have a lot of creepy similarities to that kid... I don't want to type them out though. My friends call me Nino's Clone... but I think I'm more similar to him in life experiences(which is why its creepy) than personality. and this is for Personality right?
Anything else?: not really. I just want to know who I am like.. Sorry If this was a little hard to read.


Now it's my turn to rate you. Somehow, I see Takahisa Masuda of NEWS in you. I also see a little bit of Sho and Shinge in you too as well, but I mostly pick Massu. :)
Really? Cool! Actually now that I think about it yeah I can defiantly see that heh. Thank you for rating me =D
No problem! ^^
Masuda Takahisa. :DDD
Mmmm... I see how you think you're like Nino, but I see more Massu than Nino, yeah.
I also see a Masuda Takahisa from NewS in you xD

rate me? :D