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SUMMARY of the Johnny's World

Name/Nickname: Jack
Age: 27

Likes: Dogs (especially my own), jdramas, jpop, jrock, kpop, sharing music with people, movies, history, sociology, trivia games, crossword puzzles, absurdity, non-sequitur, retroactive continuity, searing wit, argot, ephemera, vitriol, medical oddities, my job, ratings communities.
Dislikes: Stupid people, being sick, bad drivers, traffic, my allergies, homophobia, bad fanfiction, humorless people, manufactured drama, reality tv, cleaning, debt, dubbed anime, posers, bad hygiene, people who talk too much about nothing at all, people in general.
Strong points: Intelligence, dry sense of humor, extreme (compulsive) organization, attention to detail, and a tendency to 'be prepared' for anything.
Weaker points: Laziness, jealousy, tendency to become easily bored, resistance to change, intolerance, self-loathing.
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching jdramas, multi-fandom roleplay, learning new things, making graphics, downloading things, moderating icontests, people-watching, applying to ratings communities.
Talent: Cooking, convincing people I know what I'm talking about even if I don't, snark, Google-fu.
Describe your personality in three words: Intelligent, witty, geeky.

Hot or Cold?: Hot. I'm passionate about things and even if I would like to be cold and be emotionless sometimes, I can't. I jump into things with enthusiasm and do what needs to be done (like voting on 10+ unstamped applications in this community...). I'm very into everything I enjoy, almost to the point of obsession. I'm also extremely outgoing, even if I really hate being forced into it. When I love or hate something, I do it all the way. If you get me started on a topic I know anything about, watch out, you'll probably get an earful. People get bored listening to me, maybe...
Mature or Immature?: I'm 27... I'd hope I'd be at least mostly mature by this point. Of course, I do have immature times, like feeling jealousy and getting easily upset, but I think that's normal.
Leader or Follower?: I would love to be a follower, but it's seeming more and more that I'm a natural leader, and people tend to look to me to be in charge of things, probably because I'm organized and enthusiastic about things. And older than they are. >____>;;
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: I prefer to think of myself as a realist. I like to examine the situation and see what is, not what I would like it to be. Only then can a solution be reached.
Low, medium, or high energy level?: It depends on the day. I would say medium, then, because I go from high to low and it probably averages out somewhere.

FAVOURITE? (tell why if you can)
Favorite boy: Well, it used to be Yamapi. He made me all starry-eyed the first time I saw Nobuta wo Produce, and I just like to stare at him. XD Unfortunately, and I think some people will kill me for this, but I got bored with him. Now I'd say that my favorite is Ikuta Toma. He's so truly fascinating... more of a love than a lust. And plus, I can't really like Yamapi, I'm not allowed to be obsessed with boys who are younger than my little brother. Sigh. It's a self-imposed restriction, but it prevents me from feeling too dirty about this love of JE. Luckily, Toma just barely makes the cut.
Favorite song: This isn't a fair question at all. How can someone just have ONE favorite song? No, I can't really pick one, but if you are forcing me to, I guess... Arashi's "We can make it!" Even if I like NEWS' "ALIBI" an awful lot. A lot a lot.
Favorite Johnny group: It used to be NEWS, but even though I still love them, Arashi has totally stolen my heart away. <3 I think it's the sheer number of awesome songs, and... well, one of my friends has this Arashi icon that's something about them being a good prescription to help depression, because no one can be depressed after listening to them... yeah, that, too. :D It's so true.

How did you find this community?: I was randomly stalking the userinfo of someone who downloaded one of my mood themes, and I noticed they were stamped from this community... and... well, how could I not join? And kissandcry in this community is a friend of mine. :D
Who do you think you are most like and why?: I think... Toma. I'm kind of dorky, warm and friendly, and really enthusiastic about things, and I love my friends dearly... even if I torment them a little.
Anything else?: I have a picture! It's really bad. My hair is too long, it need cutting -really- badly. CLICK And this picture is a little old... my hair is longer now... and still black. I'm going to get red highlights, though, and maybe get some cut off. Ugh.


I see quite a lot of YamaPi, he's hardworking, intelligent, won't give up on something, can be dorky and warm to his friends but mostly/in general doesn't like to socialize.

I don't know much about Toma, so I can't be sure, but to me he has the image of someone who socializes a lot and can't dislike people. May be wrong.

Then I also see a bit of Ryo (who's also on the not-so-social friends-only side) and Kamenashi (who's working hard as well and loves dogs :D). And Shige, maybe.

However, I'll vote you as Yamashita Tomohisa
Really, Yamapi? Wow. :D Thanks. :D
Hmmmm... This sounds hard. It's a toss up between Yamapi, Tegoshi Yuya, Ryo, Sho Sakurai or even a little bit of Shingo Murakami. Out of everyone, I'm leaning towards Ryo Nishikido because he cares so much for his friends, he can be cold at times but warms up afterwards, and he can be a dork as well.

Thus I pick Ryo Nisikido of Kanjani8/NEWS for you. :D
I think I see you as a bit of Nishikido Ryo. Although It was a toss up because I see a few other too. But yeah seem most like Ryo (or most like him from what I know of him and I'm not really a Ryo expert) But I think I see your weak and strong points in him among other thing and I know nothing about Toma so yeah...

I pick Nishikido Ryo of Kanjani8/NEWS for you. (sorry for the poor explanation)
Hmm. I`ll go for Nishikido Ryo from NEWS/Kanjani8. :DD